The Yoga Dome

*Special Event* Dark Moon Healing & Insights
with Dr. Tracy Kenndy

September 24 (Saturday)
at 7:00 pm

Class length
120 minutes

Join Tracy under the Darkening Virgo Moon for an evening of releasing, healing & astrological insight at The Yoga Dome, a beautiful, serene & unique experience.

Be gently guided through the shadow of the darkening moon in Virgo and safely through the hidden spaces within you using meditation, breath-work, drum, rattle, and song to release and re-emerge. 

Together we'll explore astronomy and Sidereal astrology, the energy of Virgo, and what it means for you during the next lunar cycle. Tracy will offer you Astrological insights based on your Sidereal Natal Chart (provided to you), and we'll set intentions for the next lunar cycle individually and as a kindred community. Let's make space and leave behind what we don't need moving forward!

*Tracy is a Sidereal Astrologist who uses the size and placement of the constellations, planets, and stars as recorded by astronomers. Tracy will email you after registration for your birth information so you can receive your Sidereal Natal Chart.*


Sorry - that class has already taken place!